750ml clear Glass Moonshine Liquor Jugs

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This traditional 750 ml moonshine jug is made in the China  of Super pure flint glass. It requires a bar top closure and has a flat bottom.

Key Benefits:Made of pure flint glass

Food and beverage safe

100% recyclable

Made in the China


Capacity 750ml
Material Super flint glass
Color Clear
Height 225mm
Mouth Diameter 21.5mm
Body Diameter 96.5mm
Weight 620g
Surface Treatment Frosted,Decal,Polish,Paint,Color spray,etc.


Flint Glass - Flint glass is a clear, colorless glass known for its clarity and high refractive quality. It is a heavy and durable form of glass that is suited to hold products that can withstand light such as water, sauces, and food. It is sometimes used to hold select types of alcohol. Clear (flint) glass is often used to make wine, woozy, Boston round, and salad dressing bottles.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer’s responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.


Product Detail


750ml Clear Glass Moonshine Liquor Jugs feature a corked finish and an integrated finger loop for easy carrying. Made of high quality extra flint glass with a thick base. This bottle features a bar top cork finish. Bar top corks are intended to fit tightly to eliminate leaking and maintain freshness of product.

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